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The blade is steel, straight, single-edged, with one narrow dale on both sides, the combat end is double-edged with an elman. The blade is nickel-plated and decorated on both sides with etched cartouches with an ornament of oak and laurel leaves inside, in which the Bavarian national greetings "In Treue Fest!" are applied (A celebration in fidelity), on the front side in the cartouche is the color coat of arms of Bavaria under the imperial crown. On the heel of the blade there is a stamped brand of the manufacturer - "knight's head" (W.K.C. Solingen). The handle is formed by two walnut linings fastened to the shank of the blade with two screws. The crosspiece is steel, with a recess for the trunk, the end of the crosspiece is teardrop-shaped bent upwards. A T-shaped groove and a spring latch are made in the steel head of the handle. the metal parts of the hilt are nickel-plated. The scabbard is made of black leather, the scabbard device is also nickel-plated, consists of a mouth and a tip with a ball.
Etched bayonets in this design are very rare, probably this bayonet was presented to a Bavarian officer for some important event.

Total length: 66.3 cm
Blade length: 53 cm

The safety is good.

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