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The blade is steel, single-edged, of slight curvature, with one end, nickel-plated. The stamped brand of the manufacturer is placed on the heel of the blade - "Carl Eickhorn, Solingen". The hilt consists of a handle and a guard. The handle is black ebony, with transverse grooves, along which it is wrapped with twisted silver-plated wire (there is a chip restoration on the handle). All the elements of the guard are made of an alloy of metal covered with gilding, which has faded from time. On the crosshair there is a relief image of an Imperial Eagle with outstretched wings with a swastika in its claws, the pommel is decorated with another relief image of an Imperial Eagle. The handle of the hilt and the strap covering the back of the handle are additionally decorated with an ornament of leaves (the handle of the handle in the upper part has a restoration). The original strap is installed on the saber. The scabbard is metal, painted with black lacquer. The scabbard device consists of a mouth with a square bracket on the inside, one holder with a movable ring and a tip with a shoe.
This saber model is rare, it was more popular among SS officers than in the Wehrmacht.

Total length - 91 cm
Blade length - 79 cm

The safety is good.

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