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The blade is steel, slightly curved, single-edged, with one dale on both sides, nickel-plated. On the heel of the blade on the reverse side there is a stamped brand of the manufacturer - "F.W. Höller, Solingen". The hilt consists of a handle and a guard. The guard is brass, with one protective shackle passing into the crosspiece of the handle, the far end of which is bent down towards the butt of the blade. In the center of the crosspiece there are two decorative shields, on one of which there is a relief image of the imperial army eagle, and on the other a decorative medallion. The handle is bakelite, with transverse grooves intertwined with triple metal wire. The back of the handle is solid, with a floral ornament in the center, smoothly turning into a head made in the form of a lion's head. Two red glass stones are inserted in the lion's eyes. There is a decorative thickening in the center of the handle back. The scabbard is steel, painted with black lacquer, the device consists of a ring holder, a bracket for suspension and a shoe. The original gilded coating of the hilt device has been partially preserved.

Total length: 94 cm
Blade length: 82 cm

The safety is good.

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