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The blade steel, a slight curvature, single-edged, without valleys with reinforced butt and elmano. On the heel of the blade is clearly visible slightly worn stamp of the firm - Carl Eickhorn". The handle is wooden, with yellow bakelite coating, with considerable loss on the right side. The device Ephesus bronze. The topping is made in the form of a lion's head, stones in the eyes absent. Both halves of the Garda folding, which made for easy wearing. On the front surface of the Cup, the relief image of the anchor framed floral ornament. The sheath of steel, covered with black leather. The device sheath - bronze, consists of the mouth, the nut and the tip with the Shoe On the mouth and nut movably attached ring for suspension. Mouth with tongue, holding a sword in its scabbard.
Excellent preservation.

Total length - see 85,5
Blade length - 72,4 see

The original.

Conducted art examination certified expert of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. Issued by the relevant documents.

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