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The blade is curved single-edged, with one wide valley. Fighting the end of the two-edges. The edge is located on the line of the butt. In the upper part of the blade is decorated with burnishing, etching and gilding, vignettes, depicting military reinforcement. On the heel of the blade on the inner side of the mark of the manufacturer - "NK" hilt consists of a corrugated wooden handle and brass guard.The right cheek to the wooden handle has a crack. At the top of the handle curly brass bushing extending into the extended oval head with a button, decorated with radiating grooves. Garda formed figured protective handle, right angle turning the crossbar with a cross. The scabbard is wood, covered with black leather. The device sheath consists of the mouth with tongue and ring nut with the ring and tip with the Shoe. The device sheath brass with traces of silvering.
Good preservation.

Total length: 95 cm
Blade length: 80 cm

The original.

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