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В разделах посвященных Германии 1930-1945 гг. представлены предметы с нацистской символикой, в связи с этим, убедительно просим, если Вас могут оскорбить данные изображения - немедленно покинуть этот раздел. Предметы в данном разделе представлены исключительно для изучения военной истории, в научных, информационных и познавательных целях.
Изображения с символикой для публичной части сайта закрыты, чтобы просмотреть изображения без цензуры, пожалуйста авторизуйтесь.

Known very beautiful in form candle holder white milk porcelain factory Allach. The model was made and one of the best sculptors of the firm - Karl Debichem.
On the bottom are crushed the stigma of the plant and the name of the author C. Diebitsch.
Height - 117 mm
Width - 160 mm
The guarantee of authenticity.

Carl Diebitsch, was a key designer for the firm of Allach and SS. Diebitsch was responsible for many projects for the firm Allach, and they are recognizable to most collectors. His work during the period of the Third Reich included the design of uniforms of the SS and for example the circuit design of the SS daggers for senior officers, as well as many other items. His work in Allah began with the establishment of the company, from the earliest days 1935-1945 gg. With porcelain and other art genres Diebitsch continued to work after the war, but its models are created for the Third Reich are the most interesting and notable collectors.

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