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A cap of an elegant shape for wearing with a service black uniform. The crown of the cap and the band are qualitatively sewn from black diagonal fabric, white edging is installed along the perimeter. The underlying material is made of red-colored dermantine, on which a celluloid trapezoid is sewn, under which the SS runes in a circle and the size "57" are applied in gold embossing. The leather band is made with a perforation in the forehead area and is marked with a brand - "Deutsches Leder", under the tape there is a factory tag with the serial number of the cap and the manufacturer's cipher. Also, it is interesting to have another stamp "VA 1938" - indicating that the cap belongs to the administrative service of S. The visor is black lacquered, marked with the stamp "RZM SS" on the inside.
The strap is made of black leather.
The second half of the 1930s. Size - 57.
Very rare.
The safety is good.

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