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В разделах посвященных Германии 1930-1945 гг. представлены предметы с нацистской символикой, в связи с этим, убедительно просим, если Вас могут оскорбить данные изображения - немедленно покинуть этот раздел. Предметы в данном разделе представлены исключительно для изучения военной истории, в научных, информационных и познавательных целях.
Изображения с символикой для публичной части сайта закрыты, чтобы просмотреть изображения без цензуры, пожалуйста авторизуйтесь.

Award-winning Yule Christmas lamp of the first type, six dots are applied on the front side to the right of the heart (1936). The lamp is cone-shaped, hollow inside, the base rests on the legs. The four facet walls are decorated with through-through images of the runic solar symbol ("Yule wheel") and the heart (the Allmutter great-symbol ("heart of the house") . In the upper part of the candlestick has a recess for attaching a candle. One more small candle can be placed inside, in the inner part of the candlestick. The style of execution of the candlestick imitates the clay execution of a medieval tower lamp made "in the old German tradition". The stamp of the manufacturer's factory is placed on the leg in the form of two crossed runes (SS porcelainmanufacturer Allach Munchen).

The lamp was an integral attribute of the celebration of the solstice - Yule, which is mandatory for all SS members, and together with the award list was often sent on behalf of the Reichsfuhrer of the SS Heinrich Himmler to his closest members as a Christmas gift.

The item was purchased from a well-known collector and seller of edged weapons, Thomas Wittman.

The safety is excellent.
Guarantee of authenticity.

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