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Unique color propaganda poster Belgian volunteer Legion "Wallonia": "Valency in the struggle for the freedom of Europe" in German has a large format x cm and represents the paper web with pictures illustrating scenes from the division's history with brief comments.
The main ideas of the poster are: a demonstration of the success of the unit in the fight against the "Bolshevik menace of Europe", the reliability of the divisions in the service of the Wehrmacht, the call for new recruits into the ranks of the Legion. The basis of the poster is a block of eight black and white illustrations, including a large portrait of a famous Belgian military leader and politician, future brigadefuhrer SS assault brigade "Walloon" - Leon Degrelle. 1 June 1943 Legion "Wallonia" was deployed in the SS assault brigade "Wallonia" (SS-Sturmbrigade Wallonien). In the brigade entered 1600 veterans of the Legion and the Belgian army and about 400 recruits trained in Wildflecken.
In the lower right corner there is a typographic mark on the language of the instance, the instance number is "58", release date - "1943".(Last year of the Legion in the composition of the Wehrmacht and in the first part of the Troops-SS!!!)
The poster has minor tears and carefully glued on the reverse side. For temporary storage of the poster removed in a simple frame with Passepartout. Regalia Belgian volunteer troops-SS are extremely rare. This copy was bought in the Belgian family of the veteran troops of the SS.
Good preservation.

The original.

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