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Unique set white front gear of a soldier of the SS "Leibstandarte" consists of a belt with buckle and two loops fasteners, Y-belt, bayonet, and suspension with original lanyard.
The front belt is made of quality leather with subsequent staining with an outer side in white. On the inside, a brown belt side there is an additional strap with seven pairs of holes for "fork" buckle. Praga SS is a rectangular base decorated with a picture of a stylized Imperial eagle, wings spread, holding in the paws a wreath with a swastika. The wreath is additionally enclosed in a round, edged on both sides of the ornament, inside of which is placed in a semicircle our motto is "Mein Ehre heisst Treue!" (ger.: "My honor is loyalty"). The image is made in deep relief. On the reverse side of Prague has the mark "O&C ges.gesch." manufacturer "Overhoff&Cie(lüdenscheid). The belt also has two movable leather loop for attaching the front carbines Y-harness. On each of the loops has the mark of the manufacturer, year of manufacture - "A. Fischer, Berlin C. 2, 1937", and symbol of the SS organization. It is the same brand found on the Y-harness and partly visible on the suspension for the bayonet.
Y-belt is a structure of two long and one short straps white color, are connected with one ring on a leather backing. Long straps end in claws. Short strap ends with a wide hook, tazapsidis on the belt for the waist belt.
Suspension for K98 bayonet made of thick leather in white ceremonial color and is a "pocket" for bayonet scabbard with a hole for the peg on the octagonal base with a loop at the top, worn on the waist belt. To the suspension is attached original lanyard and a bayonet.
Good preservation.

The original.

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