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Praga militia assault SA (SA-Wehrmannschaften) was adopted to be worn with a black strap all the offices of the organization in 1943. It is made from aluminium and is a rectangular buckle in the centre of which the front side is placed a large image of the national Imperial eagle with outstretched to the sides straight wings, clutching in his paws a wreath with a swastika on top of the round ornament ornament with a linear texture , decorated with bottom two oak branches, diverging in different directions On the reverse there is a marked "RZM M4/22" appropriate firm Christian T. dick (Christian Theodor Dicke) is the only known manufacturer of buckles for this party formation. According to the Imperial Ministry control of all this company issued 30,000 products. Taking into account the relatively short run production, and later the adoption to be worn for just two years before the fall of the third Reich and very good condition this instance - it can be considered rare.
Very good preservation.


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