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Unique belt purchased in the family of the descendants of Soviet veteran of WWII. On the inner side of the canvas belt, put the mark of the manufacturer and year of production - "Leo Schmidt H. G. c, Muenchen 15, 1938, L. B. A.(S.)," on a leather strap forks - "Friederich Keller, Oberstein, 1938", on the inner side of the canvas the mark part, which was served by the owner - "I. Falschirm Jager Rgt. 1" (1st battalion, 1st parachute regiment).
Belt set aluminium rectangular buckle Luftwaffe Troops with dot texture, decorated with the image of a flying eagle, which clutches a swastika enclosed in a raised wreath of Laurel leaves. On the inside of the buckle is also well distinguishable maker's mark -"F. K. O.".
Overall length - 94 cm
An excellent state of preservation.

The original.

The regiment was formed in Stendal on the basis of the 4th regiment "General Goering". The war, the battalion began in part 4 his mouth. At different times members of the parachute regiment took part in military operations in Poland, Denmark, Norway, Norway (Narvik), Holland, Crete (Heraklion), from 1941, the year in Russia (in the Leningrad, Volkhov, Rzhev front).

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