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The belt is made from black silk fabric stitched on the inner side of black velvet. Device belt Shotover of gold-plated aluminum. Praga rounded, with a relief image of an anchor and a wreath of oak leaves. On the reverse of the badge has the mark of the manufacturer and year of production - "FLL 1940"(announcing firm Friedrich Linden. Ludenscheid in 1940). To the belt movably mounted two textile loops hanger for dagger. The suspension device is designed in the form of a relief image of a lion's head.
Excellent preservation.

The original.

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Частный коллекционер 13.04.2018 в 21:11

возможно ли заказать такой же подвес плюс тепляк для кортика офицера немецкого ВМФ Кригсмарине обр. 1938 г.
И сколько это будет стоить?

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