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The ruler is made of wood and covered with plastic overlays on which various tables and scales are applied, the central part is extendable, a transparent slider or sight is installed on top. The line is marked with the brand of the Wehrmacht military acceptance and the factory code - "cme". The set includes a leather case of red color, also marked with the stamp of military acceptance, the factory code- " hel "and the year of manufacture- "1941".

The safety is good.
Guarantee of authenticity.

A logarithmic ruler is an analog computing device that allows you to perform several mathematical operations, including multiplication and division of numbers, exponentiation (most often squared and cubed), calculation of square and cubic roots, calculation of logarithms, potentiation, calculation of trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, and some other operations. If you divide the calculation into three steps, then you can use a slide rule to raise the numbers to any real power and extract the root of any real power.

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