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Steel helmet of the 1938 model for the German air defense "Luftschutz". The top of the dome is spherical, with characteristic ventilation holes on each side, the lower part of the helmet is wide, the edges are rolled inwards. The helmet in the original dark blue colorful coating, in the frontal part is decorated with a silver decal - the Luftschutz air defense emblem. On the back inside there is a decal with the text - "Vertrieb genehmigt gemäss §8 Lüftschutzgesetz, Kopfweite 58, Höchstpreis RM 8.-" (Distribution approved in accordance with §8 of the Luftschutz rules, head size 54, the highest price 8.- Reichsmarks).
The balaclava is leather, attached to the helmet by three large buttons-clasps. Attached to the balaclava are 3 leather cushions with petals forming a sub-collar. A chin strap is attached to the protruding frames on the sides.
Size - 54.
The safety is good.

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