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В разделах посвященных Германии 1930-1945 гг. представлены предметы с нацистской символикой, в связи с этим, убедительно просим, если Вас могут оскорбить данные изображения - немедленно покинуть этот раздел. Предметы в данном разделе представлены исключительно для изучения военной истории, в научных, информационных и познавательных целях.
Изображения с символикой для публичной части сайта закрыты, чтобы просмотреть изображения без цензуры, пожалуйста авторизуйтесь.

Steel helmet model 1935 with two decals. The top of the dome spherical, with two vents, the lower part of the helmet is wide, edges seamed inside. The vents are round sleeve zapressovany inside. The helmet is painted the factory color in a gray-green color. On the right side is perfectly preserved decal – silver framed panel with double rune "zig" black color (preserved in 80%). On the left side is framed by a red shield with a black swastika in a white circle (remained at 50%). On the inner side of the sphere set by the stamp mark of the manufacturer - "Q66" (F. W. Quist G. m.b. H., Esslingen), the size of the spheres "66" and the serial number of the helmet, "1138".
The liner consists of a spring loaded Hoop that attaches to the helmet with three large buttons-klamer on the sides, back and speakers at the dome from the outside. To the Hoop is fastened leather light brown flap cap with holes for ventilation, generating moduleinit. On the outer side of one of the petals set the size stamp "58" on the underside of the skin supplied acceptance round the mark in relation to the administration of the SS. Also, the leather liner are distinguishable signature of the name of the owner - "Bangert". The position of the head in the helmet is adjustable due to the cord passing through the holes of the petals. The frames on the Hoop attached chin strap made of black pigskin leather frame buckle. Included with the helmet attached a photo of the owner of the helmet made in the Reich Chancellery in obtaining officer rank of the owner.
The fate of the owner of the hat can be researched further according to the archival documents preserved in the United States. The helmet is attached to the examination of the foreign seller.
Good condition.

The guarantee of authenticity.

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