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Six place medal bar of a veteran, consists of three awards:

Iron Cross of the 2nd class of 1914, size - 43x43 mm
Military Merit Cross of the 2nd degree with swords - 47x47 mm (brand-G17)
Bavarian Cross of Military Merit of the 4th degree with swords, size - 48x41 mm
Honorary cross of a front-line soldier of 1914/1916, size - 40x40 mm
Medal for the "Winter Campaign on the Eastern Front 1941/42", diameter - 35 mm
Medal of service in the SS for 8 years, diameter - 38 mm
All awards are collected on a pad with genuine silk ribbons.
The safety is good.

Guarantee of authenticity.

Bavarian Cross of Military Merit of the III degree with swords (German " Bayerische Militärverdienstorden III. Klasse mit Schwertern"), was established on July 19, 1866 by the King of Bavaria — Ludwig II. The Order was considered the main award of the kingdom for bravery and military merit and was awarded to officers and high-ranking officials. Civilians who rendered a service to the army could also be presented with this award.
The order was in the form of a Maltese Cross with a medallion located in the center. Between the rays of the cross in the main degrees of the order (after 1905 — in all degrees), a golden flame was displayed (after 1905, in the awards of the 4th class, the color of the flame was changed to silver). On the front side of the central medallion, on a black enameled background, there was a gilded monogram "L" (in honor of the founder of the order of King Ludwig II), as well as the word "MERENTI" (worthy) written in gold letters around the circumference of a white ring made in the form of a belt with a buckle. On the black enameled reverse there was an invoice of a golden Bavarian lion and the date of the award's establishment- "1866" in a white ring in the form of a belt with a buckle.
After the general revision of the Order's statutes in 1905, the order already included the following degrees: Grand Cross, 1st Class, 2nd Class, Officer's Cross, 3rd Class, 4th Class. The order could be awarded with or without swords, which usually distinguished wartime awards.
By the First World War, in 1913, the award criteria were revised once again: the Grand Cross with swords, the 1st class with swords, the 2nd class with a star and swords, the 2nd class with swords, the Officer's Cross with swords, the 3rd class with a crown and swords, the 3rd class with swords, the 4th class with a crown and swords, the 4th class with swords. Awards were made in the period 1913-1918.

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