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The order is composite, consists of five parts: the basis of the sign, in the form of a silver-plated radiance, the second layer of radiance from a patinated tompak, a silver-plated plate with a red circle on which a gilded laurel wreath with the date "1941" is fixed and an overlay in the form of an enamel swastika, all these five elements are fastened together on four hollow rivets. The image of the swastika is silvered, filled with black hot enamel, there are minor traces of wearing. The silvering of the base of the sign, the central plate and the gilding of the laurel wreath have been preserved. All the elements of the order were covered with a beautiful patina from time to time. Fastening vertical hairpin with a fishing hook. On the reverse side of the hairpin there is a stamped brand of the manufacturer - "20" (C.F. Zimmermann, Pforzheim).

The presented order was acquired from a family in which the children were related to the burial of German soldiers during the war, according to the grandmother, the find was made at the battle sites in the village of Selizharovo, Tver region. The trophies found by the soldiers were carefully hidden and then kept in the family. The order has traces of wearing, an intact patina is visible, most likely it was carried in a pocket and then it lay for a very long time, there are shallow scratches on the enamel. The order has never been in the collection.

The size of the order is 64 x 64 mm

The safety is good.

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