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The cross is composite, all elements are stamped, consists of a soldered frame, a magnetic core and a ring-bracket for the tape. The frame and ring are made of 800-proof silver and marked with appropriate assay stamps. On the ear of the cross, the brand of the manufacturer is also placed - "65" (Klein & Quenzer A.G. Idar-Oberstein a.d. Nahe). The iron core is qualitatively stamped and painted with a factory black lacquer coating.
The case is a rectangular box trimmed with black material, the inner surface of the lid is trimmed with white silk, and the base for the award is made of black velvet. A genuine wide silk ribbon is enclosed in the case separately from the cross.
The safety is good.
Case size - 80x145 mm
The size of the cross frame is 49x49 mm
The weight of the cross is 30 g .
The ribbon is 20 cm .
The safety is good.

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