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В разделах посвященных Германии 1930-1945 гг. представлены предметы с нацистской символикой, в связи с этим, убедительно просим, если Вас могут оскорбить данные изображения - немедленно покинуть этот раздел. Предметы в данном разделе представлены исключительно для изучения военной истории, в научных, информационных и познавательных целях.
Изображения с символикой для публичной части сайта закрыты, чтобы просмотреть изображения без цензуры, пожалуйста авторизуйтесь.

Premium folder on the recommendation for award the Knight's Cross of the Iron cross issued by major Josef Grassmann, personally signed by Adolf Hitler. The folder is made in the traditional understated style without labels, and other superfluous information, the cover applied embossed gold eagle cover leather trim Burgundy color. Inner sheet with rewarding made of thick parchment, handmade, folded in half and enclosed by a maroon cord. The inner turns of the folder is trimmed in leather and gold embossing on the second cover caused the mark of the manufacturer - Frieda Thiersch. On parchment premium sheet embossed text:




The name of the gentleman applied gold embossing.

Awarding the Knight's Cross with the award of "Premium Folder" received only a very small portion of the knights of the Knight's cross (several hundred people) who received the Knight's Cross personally from Hitler's hands.

Folder size is 45х35 cm

The guarantee of authenticity.

In addition to the value of the document – the letters, of great interest in the history of the decoration of bound books and printed material represents the history of the production of documents and award folder to it. The stigma of "Frieda Thiersch" on the back of the folder allows us to determine that it was made in the bookbinding workshop of the Frida TERS, known then to the whole world of the artist on the binding of books, graphics and hostess workshop. She decorated the book were presented at many prestigious exhibitions, including the London club of the first edition (1929), the world exhibition in Barcelona (1929) and the Milan Triennale (1930, 1933, gold medal 1936). In 1937 she received the coveted gold medal at the world exhibition in Paris. It was called the "Queen of the German press".
Frida grew up in a family of well-known Munich artist and architect Ritera Tire (Ritter von Thiersch). On the territory of their houses were built, the so-called "Russian pavilion", which was a painting school of Anton azhbe's, a famous Slovenian painter. Among his pupils were such famous artists as David Burliuk, Igor Grabar, Vasily Kandinsky and Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, etc. of Course, getting art education from parents and being in the art world, she is committed to creativity. In 1919, Frieda opens her private Bindery in the above-mentioned "Russian pavilion", and after meeting with the chief editions of the "Bremer Presse" Willy Wiegand (Willy Wiegand) becomes the head of the bookbinding workshop "Bremer Presse". This edition was distinguished among other highest quality books and was most successful in Germany. His standards in the production of books significantly influenced all further development of the German book printed art. Working in the Studio, Frida is developing its own unique and exclusive technology in the design of the book. In1934, the bad economic situation, the edition is closed. But Frida, participating in various exhibitions, and after gaining a name for himself, remains a popular artist. It provided private and public orders of the 3rd Reich for the production of various items of artistic bookbinding and design. Are the folders for documents, photo albums, representative gift booklets, including certificates certificates and folders to be awarded the Knight's cross of the Iron cross. Design covers made herself Frida. The text was written by hand by Francisca, Cabell (Fraziska Kobell), a student of the famous German artist-calligrapher Anna Simons (Anna Simons). Gilding was applied is known, the Munich jeweler Franz Wandinger (Franz Wandinger).
In 1944, when bombing destroyed the "Russian pavilion" workshop Frida Tears. The fire burned almost the entire collection of books as materials for covers, tools and other valuable exclusive things. Residues values were sold to relatives at auction in America.
In 1947, the "Queen of the German press" Frida TIRS dying of cancer.

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