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The medal is made of a bronze stamp. The obverse of the medal in the center depicts the symbol of the Dutch National Socialist movement on a swastika and the inscription - "Lotsverbondenheid 10-14 Mei 1940". The reverse bears the slogans - "Dietschers en Duitschers", "Saamgedreven Door het Lot Vereend in Gevaar", "Verbonden in de Toekomst".
Diameter: 40 mm
The safety is good.

This medal was awarded to members of the NSB and German citizens interned by the Dutch government during the German invasion from 10 to 14 May 1940. Elements of the medal, such as the Wolfsengel rune and the Nazi swastika with an intertwined chain, as well as the inscription on the back of the medal, were supposed to emphasize the NSB's connection with the German Reich. To this end, they awarded three gold awards to such figures as Seyss-Inquart, Schmidt and Hauptmann Siebel.

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