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Commemorative belt is made from the finest beige silk with shimmering moire pattern. On both ends of the tape forks in the manner of marine ribbon on his cap. On the right side of the ribbon colored air paints applied : year of visiting, 1893, the name of the ship - "Rurik", the image of the monogram of Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna, "OA", a stylized basket of wild flowers on white fabric, painted by Russian national patterns. On the right side of the tape in a similar manner written: accessed August 27, the year of visiting -1898 , the image of the armoured cruiser 1st rank "Rurik," plowing the sea waves in the background, St. Andrew's flag, anchors and black sea ribbon with the name of the ship. Drawings without a doubt made by hand in a single copy. The tape is fixed in a glass-covered bucket size - h see Rare artifact.
An excellent state of preservation.

The original.

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