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Linocut is in color and depicts Soviet soldiers disembarking from boats under flaming walls of Stalingrad. Style linocuts added drawing much-needed perspective and volume.
In the lower left corner under the frame of the picture a pencil inscription - "20/50", indicating that this 20-I copy from the edition of 50-t prints. In the lower right corner there is the signature of the author - "" P. rams . On the reverse side also has an inscription - "the Artist rams Defend Stalingrad. 1976,Col. linocut from the "battle of Stalingrad", size x cm". There are slight traces of ubytovani. Prints, framed perfectly decorate the interior of their office and of office, and will take its rightful place among the collection is dedicated to the great Patriotic War and specifically the battle of Stalingrad.

Size: cm h

Good preservation.

The original.

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