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The picture is painted in oil on canvas and installed in a simple wooden baguette. The painting depicted a plot depicting the three riders-Cossacks in traditional clothes encountered on a high hill above the river. One of the Cossacks, pointing towards where the far Bank, amid the coming terrible twilight burn the flame of the fire. Apparently, it sentinel, first noticed the danger, and that sends two messengers to warn the chieftain and the army. The picture is painted in the style, incorporating techniques traditional techniques of painters of the nineteenth century that created a lot of paintings devoted to scenes from the life of the don Cossacks. Special attention to the artist pays the drawing elements of clothing, arms and ammunition riders. The main idea of the work: the willingness to confront any, even the most powerful and invincible threat, the vigilant guardian of the borders of their homeland, which was one of the main duties of the Cossacks in the Russian Empire. The picture will create additional entourage of any collection, dedicated to the Cossack paraphernalia.

Size: cm h

The original.

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