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The picture is painted in oil on canvas and installed in a simple wooden baguette. The painting depicted a mighty figure of a General character Caucasian campaigns, commander of the 17th don Cossack regiment Yakov Petrovich looked at me, sitting majestically surrounded by his loyal officers on a stone ledge overlooking Caucasian mountain scenery through which the column of riders. On the left thigh of General supported a Golden sword "For courage", behind him in the wind flutters the black flag with a skull and crossed bones. "Where would the enemy nor beheld this is a terrible banner, flying high in the hands of the giant stems, like a shadow following his commander, there was a monstrous ugly mug Baklanov, and inseparable from her inevitable defeat and death to anyone caught in the way." The picture is painted in the style, incorporating techniques traditional techniques of painters of the nineteenth century that created a lot of paintings devoted to scenes from the life of the don Cossacks. Special attention to the artist pays the drawing elements of clothing and accoutrements of the Cossacks. The main idea of the painting: the figure of the hero, the personification of the former glory of the Russian Empire, the symbol of respect and solid victories that support the connection of past and present historical Parallels. The picture will create additional entourage of any collection, dedicated to the Cossack paraphernalia.

Size: 130x90 cm

The original.

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