Prize-winning coach or yacht watch in original case made by the German firm "Zeiger". Cylindrical, have a white glazed dial with Roman numerals on the front and opening glazed door to the rear giving access to the internal device. A characteristic feature of the carriage clock is shaped handle at the top, transparent cover, and tanasi and reliable mechanism. The body is covered with fire gilding. On the upper part of the body there is the inscription - "the Prize of the race squadron of the Pacific" on the back of the side surfaces 20 September 1893" and "Vladivostok". On the rear part of the mechanism has the name of the manufacturer - "Zeiger", on the bottom of the room and Assembly marks. Watches are kept in a cylindrical case made of thick brown leather with a diagonal line texture, and finished inside noble purple velvet. The case is made so that the front glazed window could either be left open, showing the dial or closed by a rectangular cover plate removed, if necessary, in a closed rear compartment of the housing. At the bottom of the case also has a special compartment in which to store the clockwork key.
Watch work perfectly and are in stunning condition. They will not leave indifferent as collectors of Antiques and lovers decor.

Size: 6,5x5,2x7,5 cm

The original.

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