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Hinged triple the Transfiguration of Christ with saints Michael and Timothy. Wood, oil. Salary: silver, stamp, engraving. Hallmarks: "wizard ",With" Sitenav Gregory MIH., the owner of the factory, Sovana V g; assay master "A." over the year 1895 - Artsibashev Anatoly Apollonovich, 1891-1896,; 84 standard and coat of arms of Moscow.
Icon without restoration, were repainted exterior wooden doors hinged and replaced by a loop. In the middle section under composition "Preobrazhenie" viagraviagra presentation inscription: "the battery Commander Colonel Kirilovo From the lower ranks of the 3rd battery of the 35th Art. the brigade. Rostov 1877-1895 Ryazan.
Russia, the end of the nineteenth century.

Size - 35 x 22.5 (in expanded form, with frame), 20 x 15.5 (Central part), 20 x 6.5 (side door)

Ranking the 3rd batari 35th Artillery brigade since 1873 the fifth of August. Battery holiday August 6 (the Transfiguration). Colonel Kirilov began his service in the 3rd battery of the 35th Artillery brigade Junior officer in 1877, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel unit. For successful operations of the battery were granted the marks on the headgear with the inscription: "For distinction in the Turkish war of 1877 and 1878. On the battery icon, presented Colonel Kirilovo presents his patronale saints and the feast of the Transfiguration - in honor of the founding of the battery. The icon is of high historical and artistic value, has a collection and Museum value.

The original.

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