The dagger Kama in an awesome custom performance presumably belonged to the officer's personal escort of His Imperial Majesty. The dagger is made in the characteristic style of a traditional short bladed weapons Kuban and Terek Cossacks, however, the custom in St. Petersburg, as evidenced by the hallmarks in the form of anchors at each part of a silver unit of the scabbard. The blade steel, straight, dream catcher with one wide fuller on the each side. From the external side on the blade near the handle there is a maker's mark. The hilt consists only of a handle. The handle is made of dark horn, figured, in the middle part of the narrow, ornamented with a bushing at the bottom. On the outer side of the handle there are three silver figural plates, decorated with gold leaf. The scabbard is wood, covered on one side enginewas Stingray skin, painted green, with another dark red genuine smooth leather. The device sheath is composed of the mouth and tip with a bead decorated in the same manner with the decor of the device of the handle is rounded gold plated Circassian ornamente. To the mouth of the soldered bracket with ring for strap on which the dagger hung to waist belt. The front side of the mouth and the tip connects figural plaque in the form of wriggling silver snake. All the details of the device of the hilt and handle are silver assay stigma "84", year branding - "1860", registered the mark is "S. L.". Excellent preservation.Rare.Total length - 48 cm blade Length -33,5 see the Original.

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