Blade steel, straight, duesbery, with one narrow fuller on both sides, off-center. On the right solomani blade stamp printed inscription "OSMAN" — the mark of the famous wizard Vladikavkaz O. Omarova. The handle is black, Caucasian classic shape decorated with ornaments on the vegetable theme and changenew. The handle is secured with two rivets, with the end of a silver 8-sided heads (hemispheres). In the technique of manufacture of the sheath and the handle are traces of blackening. The scabbard is wooden, in a silver frame, decorated in the same style as the hilt. The device consists of a sheath ability with side-fixed bracket and a ball on the end. The clip fixed leather loop/strap. At the mouth of the scabbard and the handle base on the inner side of the supplied assay mark "X (the mark Donskoy district assay administration, staged from 1908 to 1917), female head right, 84 (branded samples of silver)" and registered the mark of the wizard "MN" in the rectangle. All the details of the dagger in a beautiful dark patina.
The dagger acquired directly from the family that lived in Vladikavkaz, the collection was never.
The dagger obtained expert opinion Rosokhrankultura RF.

Total length - 45 cm
The blade length is 33.5 cm

The safety is excellent.
The guarantee of authenticity.

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