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Don Cossacks, knights of the steppes… How many centuries have they stood guard over the Fatherland! How much of their noble blood has been shed in military campaigns! How many heroic deeds have you done! Poles, French, Turks, Austrians, Germans and Japanese - they all learned the strength and courage of the Donets. Since the XVI century, no war waged by the Russian state has been complete without the participation of Cossacks. Although relations between the Don and Moscow did not always develop smoothly. Despotic manifestations of the central government found an immediate rebuff from the freedom-loving Cossacks. The names of Stepan Razin and Kondrati Bulavin will forever go down in the history of the struggle for freedom. Cossacks also stood in the way of internal turmoil, and it is not their fault that the vast Don steppes could not become a barrier to the country from the insane hordes of destroyers of Russian statehood…
But it was not only in the war that Cossack life took place. The blessed years of peace allowed the Don people to create a unique culture and an original way of life, a special art and an original view of the world. Our album is dedicated to the Cossacks in all the diversity of this extraordinary phenomenon. How the Cossacks lived in war and in peace, how they worked and fought, how they lived and died – our reader will be able to find out about all this. Unique photographs of nature, architecture, weapons, clothing, household items, supplemented with professional comments will allow you to personally touch the unique world of the Don Cossacks.

Authors: Kulakov O., Sarychev M., Vorontsov M.
Publishing House: "Faust", 2012
ISBN 978-5-905928-01-7
Hardcover, 160 pages.
Size: 298x218x16 mm

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