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The album "Premium weapons on the portraits of Russian officers" - a unique project, which is the result of several years of sourcing and attribution of photographs of the officers of the Russian Imperial army, pictured with premium weapons. The album contains around 200 rare photos. On the Internet on various forums for many years, there are disputes about what the inscription "For courage" existed, and which are not; where was mounted on the St George's crosses arms and "cranberry" on Anninsky, and where not; how were installed prize signs on scabbards and hilts checkers, etc., the Result of these discussions, as a rule, becomes the negation of all non-standard. That is why one of the main tasks of the album we made an illustration of the various design options award weapons on the example of the original pictures of that time, as indisputable evidence of the realities of the past. In addition, we tried not to leave most of faceless portraits, because the people depicted on them are the true heroes of his time.
The album is divided into several parts: "Anna weapon", "Bonus weapons", "George weapons and dual-award",as well as to publish two small apps "Premium weapons on the portraits of Russian officers" and "Premium weapons in the red army". Most of the pictures in the book are themselves collectors of photos and many of the participants in this forum that they are a special big thank you. Some of the photos were taken from publicly available sources. In addition to textual descriptions and the actual photos of the officers, some images contain color photo of arms is depicted. Unfortunately, discover authentic swords and daggers belonging to one or other officers, it is practically impossible, therefore, we, the original items from the collection of Alexander Gvozdeva , tried to do some "reconstruction", picking up things that are approximately similar to those depicted in the hands of the heroes. Hopefully, this move will allow us to perceive more clearly the photographic material of the album.

Number of pages: 244
Circulation: 500 copies
Cover: hard

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