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The album "Cold Weapons of the Don Cossacks" is a beautifully illustrated, detailed publication dedicated to the history of cold weapons of one of the oldest Cossack troops and is based on the material of unique museum and private collections. The book presents both statutory and arbitrary samples of edged weapons from museums in Ukraine, France (the Museum of L.Gv. His Majesty's Cossack Regiment in Courbevoie), Russia (GIM, Museum of Artillery, Engineering Troops and Communications Troops of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Tula Museum of Weapons, Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks, etc.), starting from the end of the XVI century and ending with the Civil War in Russia. A new unique illustrative material is being introduced for everyone interested in the history of the cold weapons of the Cossacks of Russia. In addition to the items, a large number of previously unpublished photographs are given, which will be interesting both for collectors and for all inquisitive readers who are not indifferent to the history of their country.

Authors: Oleg Kulakov, Mikhail Sarychev, Maxim Vorontsov, Alexander Gvozdevich.
Publishing house: "Cossack camp", 2013
ISBN 978-5-9904973-1-3
Hardcover, 260 pages.
Format: 217x303 mm

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