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The book describes the history of the use of various types of weapons at sea, with the help of which enemy ships have been captured in naval battles since ancient times. The analysis of the technical and constructive development of various types of cold and small arms used in combat operations at sea by the crews of ships of the domestic fleet is carried out. Separately, the experience of manufacturing gunpowder, paper and metal cartridges, varieties of gun locks and means of igniting charges is considered. Practical recommendations on the storage and conservation of weapons on ships of the Russian fleet in the XIX century are described. The author made extensive use of archival materials of the RGA of the Navy, the Central Naval Museum, the Military Historical Museum of Artillery of Engineering Troops and Communications Troops. Many other sources on the history of the Russian Navy and its weapons were also investigated. The book is intended for weapons specialists of the country's museums, collectors of weapons, naval officers, amateurs and researchers of the history of weapons of the domestic fleet.
A gift edition with a limited edition copy number and gold-edged pages.

Author: Sukhanov I.P.
Publishing house: "Branko", St. Petersburg, 2012
ISBN 978-5-903521-18-0
Hardcover, case, 424 pages.
Size: 310 x 225 mm

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