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This book presents the history of the use of the sea of different weapons, with which from ancient times was captured by the enemy ships in naval battles. The analysis of technical and design development of various kinds of cold steel and firearms used in combat by the crews of the ships of the domestic fleet. It considers the experience of the manufacture of gunpowder, paper and metal cartridges, varieties of weapons castles and means of ignition charges. Describes practical recommendations for the storage and preservation of weapons on the ships of the domestic fleet in the nineteenth century. The author of the widely used archival materials of the Russian state, the Central naval Museum, the Military-historical Museum of artillery, engineer and signal corps. He also studied many other sources on the history of the Russian Navy and weapons. The book is intended for nuclear weapons specialists museums in the country, weapons collectors, naval officers, fans and researchers of the history of weapons of the domestic fleet.

Publisher: "Branko"
Number of pages: 424
Cover: hard+ hard case

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