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The edition "Russian Dirks" volume of 208 pages, devoted entirely to the daggers of various parts of RIA and civil departments, which existed in Russia in XVIII — early XX centuries (till 1917). The aim of this work was to combine in the book, one of the most popular destinations in the Russian collecting bladed weapons – daggers. The authors have tried to create a convenient catalog with a clear division of the period of existence of those or other samples. The book also introduced in the scientific revolution several new models of daggers. For example, you will be able to learn about the existence of the knife class ranks of employees of the Altai and Nerchinsk mining districts. 1898, cutlass Separate corps of Border guards. 1909, examine the issue of attribution of the so-called daggers of the Inner guardians and messengers of the Navy Department. 1858, will discover the daggers of the White Navy during the Civil war in the far East, ersatz Dirks 1916-17 g and many more. The book will be a real discovery for most of collectors of Russian edged weapons, and Museum workers, as a scientific publication, the conclusions of which are based on historical sources and years of experience of collecting people who participated in its creation.Number of pages: 280Переплет: twentythree books 1000 copies.

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