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The steel blade is straight, flat, and double-edged. The brass hilt consists of a handle and a guard. The handle is cast, embossed, twisted. The handle head is made in the form of a bud. At the top of the handle is a curly pad. The guard is formed by a crosspiece with a shield and a protective bow, decorated with a floral pattern. The shield is shaped, with rounded edges. The shield has a relief overlay in the form of a double-headed eagle with raised wings and 9 coats of arms. The scabbard is leather, covered with black lacquer with minor loss of coating. The brass device consists of a mouth with a peg and a tip. The device of the scabbard is decorated with patterns in a single technique with the decoration of the hilt, the gilding on the mouth is almost completely preserved.

Total length: 81cm
Blade length: 68.5 cm

Guarantee of authenticity.
The safety is good.

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