The blade is curved steel, single-edged, with one wide lobe. The combat end is double-edged. On the butt of the blade, under the crosspiece, there is an etched brand of the manufacturer - "Zlatoust 1876". The hilt consists of a brass handle with a bow attached to the head, the remains of gilding have been preserved. The handle is wooden, with transverse grooves, covered with brown leather. At the top of the handle is a figured brass sleeve decorated with floral ornaments, the blade is fixed with a steel nut. The guard is formed by a bow decorated on both sides with floral ornaments, extending from the upper part of the handle and smoothly passing into the crosspiece, the end is bent down in the direction of the blade.
The scabbard is completely steel, covered with black varnish (the varnish is most likely covered in modern times). The device of the scabbard consists of a mouth, two nuts with movably fixed rings and a tip with a shoe.

Total length is 95 cm.
The length of the blade is 81 cm.

The safety is good.
Guarantee of authenticity.

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