The steel blade, straight, single edge,Nistelrooy without dales with a thickening at the butt of the blade, passing in the bottom third in the rib extending to the tip. The blade on half long on both sides ornate cartouches with intricate etching in the form of sea valves (anchors, oars, tridents ) in twining floral ornament, as well as scenes depicting warships. On the heel of the blade is clearly visible stamp of the famous German blade manufacturer - "E.&F. Horster. Solingen, customized performance blade in Germany. The hilt consists of a handle and brass-plated guard. The handle is wooden,upholstered in black leather and wrapped with transverse grooves twisted wire. The back of the handle covers brass strap, blending smoothly into the head of the arm, in the form of a ball on a high pedestal. Garda consists of a front shackle extending from two arches and crosses, joined the side of the temple. On all arches inscription "For bravery". In the center of the joint on both sides of the flat 6-carbon pads. On the outer cover plate is mounted miniature Golden badge of the order of St. Anne 4th class. On the inner plate barely discernible engraved monogram of the owner. The end of the yoke is slightly bent downward and rounded. On the upper plane of the yoke there is a little shabby stamp Russian master - manufacturer of Ephesus. All brass elements of gilded hilt. The leather scabbard with brass instrument consisting of a wide mouth with a ring to the belt, with ring nut and the tip with the Shoe. Leather sheath has a slight crack in the bottom third long. The inscription "For bravery" and the badge of the order of St. Anne added in our time.
Very well kept.

Total length: 102 cm
Blade length: 85 cm


The original.

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