The blade is steel, slightly curved, single-edge, two narrow and one wide fuller, on the first third with two sides decorated with the image of the Imperial eagle and the monogram of the Emperor - "N". On the heel of the blade clearly visible production of a stamp. On the butt of the blade near the heel the mark of the manufacturer - "Zlata. op. Fabre". Efes consists of a handle with crown and brass guard. The handle is wooden, with transverse grooves and thickening in the middle part. At the top of the handle a figured brass bushing, on top of her oval head is in the form of a rosette. The sleeve is decorated with floral ornament and monogram of the Emperor, in whose reign the owner received officer rank - "N". At the bottom of the handle is a brass bushing. Garda formed the front handle, extending from the upper part of the handle and smoothly into the yoke. The end yoke has a hole, slightly curled down and rounded. The wooden scabbard, covered in black leather. Brass instrument consists of the mouth, nut and tip. The mouth on the inner side of a bracket, and the nut ring. The device sheath is corroded.Good preservation.Overall length - 90,5 cm blade Length 76 see the Original.

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