Grenadier cap privates of the Life guards Pavlovsky regiment, is a traditional high "the mitre" with red top and white cloth band, with a nalobnik of brass, on which almost the entire surface is embossed the stamped image of the Russian double-headed eagle - the state emblem of the XVIII century, the frame of the cap consists of a metal band and we solder a wire frame. The frame is attached to the tin to the rim with wire, and the upper ends of the top caps bonded to each other. Frame covered with white and red woolen cloth. In places of passage of the wire frame sewn white braid. The rim is decorated with three brass two-part grenade - two side and one rear. To the side Grandam attached chin strap with simulated scales. The Balaclava is made of soft, perforated leather with holes for a cord.
There are traces of existence.
Height: 29.5 cm

The safety is good.
The guarantee of authenticity.

Pictures of the 100th anniversary of the life guards Pavlovsky regiment 15 may 1890

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