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The ceremonial helmet of the dark blue under the dress uniform of the gendarmes corps. Helmet is a hemispherical base, made of felt and reinforced trim on the front and rear visors metal flare. All metallic elements of the helmet made of Nickel silver, which from time to time covered with a beautiful patina. At the top of the helmet shell is attached to the metal surround of the comb which is inserted in the Sultan horsehair front end features oval officer's cockade. In the temporal areas of the helmet are arranged on both sides of the buttons that fix the chin strap. The belt consists of scales with step 2/2 white metal sewn to a leather base with additional strap for fixation on the chin. The front part of the helmet is decorated with a large embossed decorative plate in the form of "Alexander" eagle. The front visor is made of leather and covered with black lacquer. The hat is made of leather with perforation on the edge. The helmet is very well preserved, most likely he was kept at home, there are small contamination of felt, but the helmet probably was not used as intended. Presented helmet purchased in the family of immigrants who took him after 1917 of the Soviet Russia.

Length - 25 cm
Height - 28 cm
Width - 19 cm

The safety is good.
The guarantee of authenticity.

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