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The book analyzes the award-winning legislative policy of the command of white formations of different regions of Russia in the conditions of the Civil War of 1918-1921. The practice of awarding Russian imperial awards in various white armies is considered. The material was accompanied by the publication of all documents found in the archives, most of the documents were published for the first time. Lists of knights of the Order of St. George and St. George's Arms who received these awards in the Civil War have been compiled. Based on the study of a large number of St. George crosses and medals of private production, i.e. manufactured not at the St. Petersburg Mint, their classification is proposed.

Author: Rudichenko A.V.
Publishing house: Favorite book, 2007
ISBN 1-932525-56-4
Hardcover, 422 pages.
Format: 22.5 x 29.5 cm

The book is used, in almost new condition.

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