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The unique edition, released by the St. Petersburg publishing house "EGO" in 1997, should definitely interest collectors of regalia of the Russian Empire and things related to the imperial house of the Romanovs. The full-length book album is dedicated to the yachts belonging to the imperial families from Peter I to Nicholas II. "Standart", "Alexandria", "Nyx", "Princess Anna", "Power", "Queen Victoria" - these are the names of only some of the vessels considered in the book. Hundreds of large color illustrations of models, design drawings, carabiner devices, flags, carabiner dishes, household items, engravings, sailors' uniforms, the device of the cabins of imperial yachts from the collections of outstanding historical museums of Russia will allow you to make a reliable picture of the naval life of Russian monarchs. The book has not been republished and therefore is a rarity today. With great difficulty, we managed to purchase the remainder of the circulation abroad.

Authors: Znamenov V.V., Larionov A.L., Nosovich T.N.
Publishing house: "EGO", St. Petersburg, 1997
ISBN 5-8276-0016-4
Hardcover, dust jacket, 264 pages.
Size: 300 x 245 mm

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