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The picture is supposedly written by the artist Adolf Gemensam. In the center of the picture shows Litavrin cavalry regiment, on the left are the horse guards in the form of his cut (shape features to the reforms of Alexander II in 1855). The characteristic features of writing, such as a feature of rural surroundings and placement of the figures recall some songs worked in Russia since the late 1840s, the German painter Adolf Gebissa, including the Group of officers and soldiers of the cavalry regiment". In the lower part of the picture visible on the right piece of signature, done with a brush. The left part of the signature is hidden toning, end reads - "alc". Perhaps the picture was written by the artist circle Adolf Gebissa, also worked in Russia in the 1840-1850's.
Good preservation.

Size: 70,h cm

The original.

There is examination of the State Scientific research Institute of restoration (State R & d)

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