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Sculpture made of patinated bronze and represents the story is the figure of a Cossack on horseback farewell to the wife of the Cossack in Russian national dress. Behind the Cossack rifle strapped to the saddle of Hiking gear, unfortunately lost Cossack peak, which in the right stirrup made in the recess. The sculpture was cast with great attention to the emotions of people who may see each other one last time and fine details of costumes, horse harness, elements of the accoutrements Cossack.
The figure is attached to the inside to the base with four bolts. On the pedestal there is a mark of the factory "HEAD. K. F. WERFEL St. Petersburg" and the mark of the sculptor, "L. P. Grachev". Bronze has minor wear.
Good preservation.


Dimensions: 21х14х24 cm
Weight: 4 kg

The original.

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