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The statue of the Russian Grenadier of the Life Guards Pavlovsky regiment in full gear wonderful author's work.
Factory bronze products "Berto K., and Ko" (on the left side of the basis: Ex: Dr. Berto and S. PHY). Sculptor Briey, 1889. (based on the left of the right foot: Briois Sc: 1889).
Bronze casting. The height of 55.7 see
Safety is almost perfect. Pretty rare.

Sculpture in the form of going to the parade, a member of the Life Guards Pavlovsky regiment. Soldiers dressed in full dress during the reign of Emperor Alexander III sample 1881, Armed with a rifle system is impressive with premnote bayonet. On the belt to the left cartridge cartridge pouch, right - axe. Behind the guards knapsack with pot.Sculpture with this story, but half the size and without fixed bayonet, is in the collection of Military-historical Museum of artillery, engineer and signal corps in S. Petersburg.
Excellent rare item, a real work of Russian art, before the revolution decorating the interior of one of the regimental museums or housing wealthy capital officer.

The original.

Can be purchased in installments.

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