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A large bronze figure of a Bugler of the 3rd squadron of the Life guards of His Imperial Majesty's hussars in the Russo-Turkish war.
The figure is made by the best Russian animal painter sculptor Yevgeny Lanceray(1848-1886).

Bugler dressed in the guards hussar embroidered Dolman cords, hat covered case with the acronym 3E (3rd Squadron). Hussar pants-Chancery with nodes. And boots with tassels and with spurs. Horse in field equipment and removed the front body cloth with monograms of the Emperor, strapped behind the cloakroom roll.
Armed with a sword sample 1826 with lanyard and revolver Smith Wesson holster with cleaning rod. Also has a cartridge bag with a pocket for capsules on the shoulder strap and hussar tavern with a monogram of His Majesty.
Horn in the hand of the rider George - visible tape and the George cross.

The base of the statue has the stamp of the Studio and signature of the author E. Lansere 1877."

Height - 36 cm
Length - 39 cm.
The original.

Life-Guard Hussar regiment received
22 St. George's pipe with the inscription: "For Warsaw on 25 and 26 August 1831". Granted 6.12.1831 G. (Alt. gr. from 2.06.1833 g) (regiment.ru)

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