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The icon is executed in Modern style. On bottom of plate is attached - "Senior non-commissioned officer" Stepan Khodyreva in prayerful memory of Ob his works at the Church of His Imperial Majesty's Consolidated infantry regiment November 1, 1910"

Wood, 84 standard silver, glass, rock crystal, amethyst (?), copper alloy, embossing, engraving, polishing, gilding, mixed media painting (tempera - oil), Pesochnaya glass processing.
Stigma on the halo and at the end of the salary ( 84 test with his head to the right, and the mark of the master - CC) .
Hallmarks on the end and the halo match.

The icon attached a photo of the owner of the icon.

The frame, made of price of wood structurally complex, combining the functions of Kyoto, marching case and stand. The glass is beveled.

Size: 13.H.5 cm without Kyoto, 22,5 x 18 in Kyoto.

The original.

Icon of our lady of Kazan is one of the major "military" icons - this is due to the fact that it was her in 1612 Russian militia headed kN. Pozharsky liberated Moscow from the poles.
Military icon is very often shaped in the form of a small folding boxes, of which the officer or soldier could carry while Hiking, and who did not create it additional load.
His Imperial Majesty's consolidated infantry regiment, guards infantry part of the Russian Imperial army, created for "the nearest guard Sacred Person of the Emperor".
Established in 1881, was stationed in Tsarskoe Selo.

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