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Unique collectible ship chronograph released for the needs of the Russian Imperial fleet supplier of the court of his Imperial Majesty, Nicholas Main Astronomical Observatory at Pulkovo, the Imperial Russian Navy St. Petersburg branch of the company - "August Erickson". Structurally, the frame-based chronometer is a three-piece cube made of noble wood, decorated with thin strips of gilt edging, and a high gloss clear lacquer. Starting at the top, each section is reduced in thickness. The upper section is a cover which is mounted on the plate with the emblem in the form of an anchor and two letters "HA", the lid opens on a brass latch with button, the next page is the glass that protects the dial of the timepiece from external influences on the deck of the ship, the latter recess in which is located the dial and chronograph movement. On the external side of the rim has a sign with the company name and model number - "A. Erickson No. 18 and lock the latch. On the sides of the lower sash from the two sides are foldable handles for ease of carrying. All metal device rim brass.
The mechanism is fixed on two axes, which during transportation can be fixed. Dial chronograph round, wide rim, silver with Roman numerals and two additional dials, one with the words "Ab" and "Auf". The diameter of dial chronograph 12 cm, closed original faceted glass. The center has factory inscription in Gothic letters - "A. Ericsson No. 18. St. Petersburg". The mechanism without interference on the go, start for a few days, fully functional, has original key plant, which is so arranged that during rotation it is not necessary to transfer it from the fingers to the new revolution of the closing spring. All parts of the chronograph, including the key itself is gold plated.
Chronometer placed in original wood box larger, consisting of two halves, upholstered in green cloth inside. The lower part has an enlarged flat base for greater stability. Halves of the case are held together with simple snaps on the sides and additional leather strap.
Size - see HH
The end of the nineteenth century.

Marine chronograph was one of the major navigation devices on par with the compass. With the exact time and navigation tables for the calculation of the location of celestial bodies in determining the ship's position can be set longitude West or East of the Prime Meridian.
Data ship's clock purchased in the family of the heirs of the white emigrants in the USA, are unique in the preservation of the subject of the late XIX - early XX century, and can be used to replenish the private collection devoted to the history of the Russian Imperial Navy, and as a gift to a dear person associated with the fleet or fond of a nautical theme. Room hours - 18, can be attributed to unique watches have survived in this condition.
The rarity.

The original.

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Сергей Гаврилов 26.02.2021 в 19:54

все эти вопросы лучше обсуждать по телефону

Александр Kushchidi 11.02.2021 в 19:03

да и с годом сплошная путаница: то середина века, то конец, то начало 20-го

Александр Kushchidi 11.02.2021 в 18:57

У меня есть желание иметь такой хронограф, но много вопросов......нужна экспертиза часового мастера......есть ли паспорт хронометра......можно ли сделать цену более приемлимой.....и тд

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