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Microscope made for export in the German Empire for sale in Russia from the store in Saint-Petersburg.
The body of the microscope is made of gilded brass, marked on the front brand of the company-manufacturer "E. Leitz Wetzlar", and serial number that matches the number of the wooden box and number in the warranty document store.
Equipment almost complete, complete wooden box with metal twist handle and door, on top of it attached to the plate of the manufacturer - "E. Leitz M. Goldberg, St. Petersburg". Authentic case for storing attachments and a magnifying eyepiece, also with an embossed stamp on the cover - "E. Leitz Wetzlar", just from this set because of the case in a wooden box made by a special groove for transport. Remained only one optical head.
And the most interesting for lovers of history is filled in warranty document which is inscribed the serial number of the microscope and the date of sale from the store in Saint-Petersburg - the "Wetzlar, 18 I, 1913, E. Leitz". Optics in working condition, but needs service, wooden case passed washed of the old dirt and covered with a decorative oil.
The safety is good.

The size of the box - 32х18,5x19 cm
The size of the microscope with extended pipe - 36х11х13 cm

The guarantee of authenticity.

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